Four cups of coffee

How much coffee is safe to drink?

There’s loads of evidence that more than one cup of coffee a day is good for you—but how much is too much? It may seem like more is better when it comes to coffee. Health experts everywhere are confirming the health benefits of a moderate … Read more

Four cups of coffee

How concerned should you be about acrylamide?

If you’re a resident of California, perhaps you’ve seen signs on the shelves of your local store that say “Proposition 65 Warning: This product is known by the state of California to contain chemicals that can cause cancer.” Depending on the outcome of an upcoming … Read more

Drinking coffee can help prevent liver disease

Livers Aren’t Just Mere Filters for the Things We Eat and Drink Yes, this 3 lb. gland wedged beneath our ribs is responsible for processing everything we put in our mouths, but those are some intense, diverse processes; they are our built-in detoxification systems that … Read more

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