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Dark Roast Gift Subscription

Treat someone you care about to the gift of healthy coffee for 3, 6 or 12 months!

Choose the quantity of 12oz dark roast bags you want in the subscription, set the number of months for which you'd like to prepay, and you can gift Purity Coffee® to a friend or family member for a one-time charge. Once you've configured your gift subscription, just enter the recipient's address during checkout and we'll make sure they're supplied with healthy coffee on your behalf. 😊 ☕ 

Shipping is free on all gift subscriptions!

*Gift subscription quantity and frequency are fixed at the time of purchase. If you'd prefer a more flexible subscription where you have control of the types and amount of coffee, as well as the schedule, please choose our Subscribe & Save option.

The same high standard Purity coffee you love, but roasted darker. The dark roast has less acidity along with more of the robust flavor people expect from darker roasted coffees. Purity Dark Roast contains more dark chocolate notes and caramelized sugar notes than that of our original roast coffee.

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