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Purity Coffee is the simplest change you can make to have the largest impact on your health & well-being. We want you to experience the benefits of switching to a healthier coffee, so we’d like to send you a free sample bag of our organic, specialty-grade, antioxidant-rich whole bean coffee absolutely free. Our only request is that you try our coffee exclusively for 3-5 days in order to experience the maximum benefits. We’re confident you’ll be able to feel a difference after switching to Purity Coffee, but it’s something you need to experience first-hand.

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Here is How Our Trial Subscription Works:

Step 1

Begin with a trial subscription.

Sign up for a risk-free single bag subscription. Within a few days you will receive a sample bag of our whole bean coffee. You may pause your subscription at any time during the 14-day trial and you will not be billed. Need a few extra days to sample the coffee? No problem. You can keep your subscription on hold until you’re ready to receive your first full bag.

Step 2

Brew and Sample.

Choose your favorite brewing method (check out our guide for some helpful tips) and then experience coffee nirvana. Our sample bag will provide you with around a dozen cups of coffee. Spend a few days drinking no other coffee but Purity and take note of how you feel. Purity is a whole bean coffee, so you will need a grinder, but a Magic Bullet can work in a pinch.

Step 3

We keep you supplied.

When your 14-day trial period is over, your recurring shipments will begin. You’ll automatically receive a fresh 12oz bag of antioxidant-rich, organic, specialty-grade, contaminant-free Purity Coffee each month. Once your subscription begins, you can adjust your quantity of bags, as well as pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

*This special free trial offer is only available to new customers within the United States.
**Want to try Purity without beginning a subscription? Order a $1 sample bag here.

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