Using three independent labs from around the globe, 49 of the world’s top coffee brands were analyzed.

Out of the 49 leading coffee brands tested, PURITY had the most antioxidants.

Furthermore, PURITY ranked the absolute highest in antioxidant levels, while also testing free of all contaminants.

On average, Purity Coffee contained two times the antioxidants of these other leading coffee brands, and of the brands tested for contaminants, over 60% came back positive for mold and ochratoxin A.

In a nutshell, Purity Coffee was the highest in antioxidants while also being absolutely free of the “bad stuff.”

This explains why so many people can FEEL the difference when they switch to Purity. (According to a study conducted amongst 100 of our customers, the majority reported feeling a difference – from no sour stomach or jitters, to improved mood and more mental clarity.)

Why are antioxidants important?

Antioxidants are a natural defense mechanism against free radicals that can cause damage to genes, accelerating the aging process and actually leading to cancer and other diseases. The good news, however, is that coffee is the richest source of antioxidants in the American diet!

How did we accomplish this?

The answer is simple…First off, less than 1% of the world’s coffee producers source beans that are up to the Purity standard. Secondly, no other coffee company in the world roasts deliberately for health benefits. (And luckily, our coffee also tastes great, which is an added benefit of beautiful beans that are not scorched.

To see how PURITY COFFEE stacks up against the different types of coffees, see the list below:

Everyday Organic Coffees

Purity Coffee contained 4x more antioxidants than the average antioxidant level of the 12 leading “organic coffee” brands.