Purity Coffee: An investment in your health

Purity Coffee has done something that no other coffee company ever has. Most coffee companies focus solely on taste, convenience, and price point. This leads them to choices which sacrifice health, like selecting chipped or moldy beans and then charring them until nothing remains of the healthy antioxidant content. Purity Coffee prioritizes health over all else, every step of the way. From the beans we select, to our unique roasting protocol, to extensive scientific testing, we value choices that result in the healthiest cup of coffee science and informed decision making can produce. These choices result in a higher price point than other coffees, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our refusal to cut corners means you'll pay a little more to drink Purity, but considering the benefits, it is a valuable and cost-effective investment in your health. Here's a quick overview of the various steps in our process which lead to a higher production cost...

Organic Specialty Grade Coffee

Only 3% of coffees produced worldwide are organic. That means only 3% of coffee beans in commercial coffees are untouched by pesticides. While some coffee producers may minimize their use of pesticides, it’s difficult to differentiate on a global scale how much pesticide is actually being used on the vulnerable, porous coffee cherries. Of that low percentage of organic beans, only 1% meets Purity’s strict standards. Organic specialty grade beans are selected according to their lack of defectsthey are fully intact, perfectly shaped, and free from toxins like ochratoxin A that arise from mold and oxidation during growth or storage. These perfect beans roast evenly which minimizes the level of carcinogens produced during the roasting process. That is the strict set of standards we use to select the beans that go in Purity Coffee.

Purity's Unique Roasting Process

Even the highest quality coffee beans contain a substance called acrylamide, which has been known to cause cancer in animals. Most roasters work to eradicate this substance, but they will often introduce other cancer-causing chemicals as they do so. At high temperatures, roasting produces Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and results in the burnt flavor that so many coffees are known for. We use a unique, smokeless roasting process that obliterates acrylamide without sacrificing the numerous antioxidants found in coffee or creating PAHs. We’ve honed our methods to find the sweet spot between over and under-roasting coffee, which incidentally results in the pure and pleasing flavor that our customers love.

Vigorous Scientific Testing

Scientific studies prove that conscious sourcing, roasting, and processing results in optimally healthy coffee. From the beginning to the end of the process, we use verified lab testing to ensure an antioxidant-rich, contaminant-free bag of beans. We test to eliminate beans that house mold and toxins. We test to make sure all traces of acrylamide have been roasted out of the beans without roasting to the point of producing PAHs. We’ve also gone so far as to enlist three independent labs to measure the levels of contaminants versus antioxidants in over 49 coffee brands. These labs have verified that 71% of the tested commercial coffees contain some kind of contaminant. Purity is one of only two coffee brands tested that do not fall into that trap. On top of that, we have verified through extensive testing that Purity Coffee has far and away the most antioxidants of any major coffee brand on the market today. That’s 2x the number of antioxidants of even the 7 most “antioxidant rich” brands. We know we stand apart from the crowd, and that is precisely our intention. We consider the investment in the equipment and testing to be an investment in the health of our customers. And by choosing Purity, you are investing in your own health.