Coffee is the New Superfood


Every morning, we stumble out of bed, not fully brought to life until we’ve had our first cup of hot coffee. But rather than just looking to that morning brew as a way to wake up, what if your daily coffee became a super-dose of antioxidants—a disease-preventing health tonic that optimized your daily performance and helped you live a longer, fuller life?

What if instead of having to remember to choke down expensive supplements, you could make one small adjustment that would turn your coffee into the healthiest choice you make all day?

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What if coffee weren’t just a delivery service for the caffeine?

“Moderate, regular coffee consumption at 3-5 cups per day has been linked to a number of positive health benefits, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Hopefully, this means people will now enjoy their cup of coffee without the guilt.” Professor Chris Seal Professor Chris Seal Professor of Food and Human Nutrition at Newcastle University, UK

For years, you’ve been told that coffee is just another vice.

You may have believed you should cut down on coffee or quit altogether to be healthier. Plenty of anecdotal evidence also reveals bad coffee experiences: jitters and shakes, upset stomach and disruptive digestive troubles. Despite its past associations with unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking cigarettes, coffee has actually been proven in study after study to be a superfood that combats some of the most pervasive diseases.


Now that may all sound good on paper, but what if your coffee gives you side effects? What good are the long-term benefits if it makes you feel bad during your day-to-day?

Let’s look at some of the possible “downsides” of your morning cup of joe, and how the standards of the Purity health profile overcomes all those shortcomings.

What holds back regular coffees?

Coffee may offer a multitude of health benefits, but these common coffee problems can get in the way of them. In fact, we estimate that more than 99% of coffees worldwide have one or more of these problems.

Most coffee beans are doused in pesticides.

In pursuit of a better bottom line, coffee buyers often buy beans from areas with low environmental regulation. Non-organic coffees are subject to conventional farming techniques—that means using as many chemicals as necessary to kill off insects and weeds. Porous coffee berries that enclose the beans are sprayed with pesticides over and over again throughout their life cycle, locking the harmful chemicals inside. Organic beans aren’t soaked in pesticides—and less than 3% of the world’s coffee is organic.

Purity is always organic and free of pesticides.

Even organic coffees can use substandard beans.

Unfortunately, many organic coffees are full of chipped, broken, or otherwise lower-quality beans. When beans are of mismatched size, they roast unevenly, the same as if you cut your food into different sized chunks and then cooked it altogether at the same time. Unhealthy mold, microorganisms, and mycotoxins are also a risk, and not every country who exports coffee is held accountable for them to the same degree.

Purity only selects specialty grade organic coffee, requiring “near zero defects.”

Coffee beans can develop mold during their journey after harvest.

A combination of moisture, heat, and being left in large piles can sometimes cause mold to develop on coffee beans. Some countries have high standards for testing the purchased beans for this mold while some don’t. Some coffeemakers will eliminate mold through an intense roasting process that sacrifices taste and health benefits, as we’ll discuss below. Purity, instead, uses a technique developed by the leading coffee scientists from Brazil to make sure that at no point in the supply chain are the beans marred by mold.

Purity contains no mold. Ever.

Roasters often compensate for defects by burning coffee beans.

It’s so common that many of us have come to expect coffee to taste burnt. It’s one of the reasons that some people avoid the drink altogether.

Coffee does not have to be roasted beyond recognition. In fact, that burnt taste is a sign that there are carcinogens in your coffee. The charring on burnt toast, meat, and—yes—coffee too is another source of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), some of which are cancer causing. So while coffee contains many properties that have been proven to prevent cancer, those healthy substances are often burned out of the beans and replaced with other unsavory substances.

But then shouldn’t we be drinking the lightest roast possible? Not necessarily. On the other hand, unroasted beans actually have a substance in them called acrylamide, which is also a known carcinogen.

Through extensive testing, PURITY’s roasters have found just the right balance roast to maximize antioxidants, diminish acrylamide and prevent the development of harmful PAHs.

Coffee goes stale or even rancid when it sits for too long.

Do you know how long that bag of coffee has been sitting on the shelf as it waits for someone to purchase it? Post-roast exposure to oxygen, moisture, heat, and light oxidizes coffee, with both flavor and health benefits decreasing after about 20-30 days. Beans become stale and oil becomes rancid, creating even more carcinogenic PAHs. It’s no wonder that many experience an upset stomach after drinking stale, spoiled coffee.

PURITY ships directly and frequently to your door as soon as your beans are roasted.

“This is absolutely the best coffee I have ever tasted. The taste is clean and fresh. Not a hint of bitterness or acidity. I have had very good coffee from all over the world, but nothing really compares to Purity.”

Kimberly A.
Boston, MA

Turn your daily dose of coffee into the healthiest choice you make all day.

Coffee is currently the #1 source of antioxidants in the American diet. Runner-ups don’t even come close.

The evidence tells us that even with all its health benefits, coffee’s healthiness can be improved even further. That’s what Purity has done.

Three independent research labs have confirmed that out of 49 leading coffee brands, Purity contains the most antioxidants of them all.

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When you open a bag of freshly roasted purity coffee, you will taste, smell, and feel the difference.

No jitters. No upset stomach. Just a balanced flavor followed by increased mental sharpness and the knowledge that you’re doing your long-term health a monumental favor.

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