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When coffee is consciously crafted for health, it is truly a natural superfood.

Purity Coffee is produced using only the finest specialty-grade organic beans, which are then carefully tested to ensure they are free of mold and mycotoxins. We then roast the green beans to our exacting standards for health, maximizing the antioxidant levels while avoiding the presence of harmful carcinogens.

If your clients/patients who are coffee drinkers suffer from mold sensitivity, struggle with stomach discomfort, or any of the other adverse side effects experienced with conventional coffee, e.g., jitters, nervousness, anxiety; Purity Coffee is an ideal recommendation. When the healthful properties of coffee are maximized and toxins are avoided, coffee can be an unparalleled health-boosting beverage that promotes wellness and overall longevity.

We're confident you will feel a difference after drinking Purity Coffee, but this is something we want you to experience for yourself. Simply verify your status as a registered dietitian and then receive an offer code for a complimentary 12 oz bag of our whole bean coffee or a box of our single serve sachets or k-cups.

Receive your unique offer code after verifying your eligibility through SheerID, a trusted partner. Please select other health worker when submitting your information.

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If you enjoy our coffee and wish to become a customer, as an RDN you are eligible to receive up to a 50% ongoing discount on our coffee. In addition, you can earn rewards or commission as a Purity Coffee referral partner.

*Shipping charges may apply. Discount code valid through December 31, 2020.