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We developed this coffee to focus on the compounds that are great for your body, and our test panel said this roast gave them clarity of mind and made them feel wonderful. We are particularly proud of this quarter’s Founders’ Blend and expect it to be one of the best coffees you have ever tasted. The exceptional taste is the result of an uncompromising commitment to purity of the bean and the science of the roast. Our mission is improving the world’s health through coffee. We believe that you will love the taste of this coffee as much as we do, and we ask you to pay special attention to how it makes you feel. We would love your feedback. Cheers!

Our Founders’ Blend is a seasonal premium coffee with many distinctive qualities. The Founders’ Blend coffees are produced in small batches and are available while supplies last. Limited release of 2,500 12 oz bags.

We will send the orders within 48 hours of roasting. Oxygen in the bag is displaced with nitrogen, a natural way to prevent oxidation and staling. Your coffee will taste as fresh as the day it was roasted.


Biodynamic farming produces an exceptional coffee

We have studied the many of the compounds that make coffee healthy (and those that detract). We can test for most of these in the lab. However, we are finding that there are indefinable aspects of coffee for which we feel an effect, but they are beyond our reach for testing at this time. As we continue on our journey to understanding coffee’s impact on health, we have drilled deeper into two key areas: The farm and the roaster. The starting point is choosing an amazingly farmed coffee, followed by a roasting protocol that brings out the best qualities in that particular coffee.

Over the past four years we have recognized that farmers who go beyond organic and focus on the health of their entire production system consistently produce a coffee higher in the properties that we value and measure for health. Not only are the coffees farmed using true organic practices, but they are regeneratively farmed by restoring degraded soil biodiversity. Many who have studied regenerative farming believe this has a major positive impact on the nutrition we receive from our foods and on our wellness, and the entire ecosystem thrives.

In February we visited our producers in Colombia, where we spent time on two family-owned and operated certified organic farms. This Founders’ Blend is from Oscar Daza’s farm in Santander, Colombia. The quality in the cup, with extraordinary health benefits and effects, reflects the value the family places on their land and their coffee, which is also biodynamic and certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly (demonstrating outstanding forest preservation and flourishing species biodiversity). Beyond certifications, Oscar is committed to fostering indigenous flora and fauna through holistic management that enriches the soil and enhances the entire ecosystem.

The further producers like Oscar move away from industrialized farming practices, and the more they foster conditions found in nature, the better the coffee is for the compounds we care about. These producers set us up for success, and it is up to us to maintain their work and develop the coffee through conscientious, focused roasting.

– Andrew Salisbury

When we concentrate on roasting for health, a single roast profile is not enough. Our test panel determined that two different roast profiles of the same coffee blended together would add complexity and promote different health aspects of this coffee. The base of the coffee is lighter than our regular Purity Coffee, to enhance antioxidant compounds and bring out bright “juicy” notes. We blend in a medium roast that brings out the sugar browning and chocolate notes and creates higher molecular weight melanoidins. Melanoidins have metal chelating properties and have been found to decrease colon inflammation through improved microbiota balance (prebiotic effect).

Please be prepared to grind and brew this coffee differently than you do Purity Original or Dark Roast. This coffee has more density. I found it best to use less coffee and a slightly cooler brew temperature than I do Purity Original. Here is my method for brewing:

  1. Brewing supplies: A Clever Dripper, bamboo filter, spring water, kettle, thermometer, scale
  2. 15 grams of coffee, ground fine-drip. Pour 275 grams water, about 45 seconds off the boil. When full, the temperature reads about 198ºF (92.2ºC).
  3. Let steep 30 seconds. Stir twice only. Let steep 30 seconds more.
  4. Release coffee into mug—it takes about 1 minute 30 seconds.

Sensory notes:

Fragrance of toasted hazelnut and cocoa when grinding. After pouring water, notes of brown sugar and vanilla. When hot, a spark of fresh lime juice, and when cool this changes to a honeycrisp apple acidity. As it cools, a fleeting note of gardenia appears. Balanced cup with lingering dark chocolate sweetness in the finish.

Pro tip 1:
Go wild and have a good solid slurp of this coffee at least once, when it is a safe temperature (don’t burn your tongue!). You’ll find different notes than just sipping or drinking it.
Pro tip 2: Check how you feel about an hour after drinking. Are you feeling clear-minded and energized? We hope so! Please, as always, give us your feedback—your thoughts are important to us.

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