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Single origin, shade-grown on the only certified biodynamic coffee farm in Central America. This coffee also bears the distinction of being Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified: the gold standard in eco-friendly, organic farming. Limited release of 1,000 12 oz bags.

Our Founders’ Blend is a seasonal premium coffee made available to our Purity Coffee subscribers, while supplies last. The Founders’ Blend coffees are produced in small quantities (typically between 500-1000 12 oz bags) and are sold on a first come, first served basis. For this release we are roasting and filling 1000 12 oz bags, each of which will be numbered.

Next Roast Date: Winter 2019

Order 2 or more bags and shipping is free.

Due to limited supply, maximum order size is 4 bags



The farm where this Founders’ Blend coffee was grown is in the Marcala region and is a female-run family business with a total of 8 employees.

They practice biodynamic farming, which nurtures plants grown in vibrant, “living” soil, that makes available a quality of nutrition not possible with chemical fertilizers. This principle is built on first and foremost organic production and continues by only using materials available locally.

Through composting, integrating animals, inter-cropping, and crop rotation, they generate their own fertility. In fact, the farm is the first certified biodynamic coffee farm in Central America.

The coffee is also Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certified, the gold standard in eco-friendly, organic farming.

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