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Founders’ Roast: Brazil


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This Founders’ Roast we decided to highlight one of the healthiest coffees we have encountered that we thought would make a perfect focus for positive liver health. We designed the roast curve to maximize polyphenols (antioxidant compounds) and the coffee’s natural sugars, making a delicious brew that encourages drinking multiple cups to reap the benefits of the liver-friendly compounds.

For this release we sourced the coffee beans from our partners at Fazenda La Floresta in Brazil. The farm was founded in 1985 by producer Nelson Cordeiro who worked with family coffee farming since he was five years old. Located approximately 3600 ft. above sea level in the Chapada Diamantina region, Fazenda La Floresta began its regenerative farming journey in 1999 and has been innovating certified organic and Demeter-certified coffee ever since.

Our Founders’ Roast is a seasonal premium coffee with many distinctive qualities. The Founders’ Roast coffees are produced in small batches and are available while supplies last.

Organic and Demeter Certified

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Roast Profile of Founders' Roast: Brazil

Roast Curve for Founders' Roast: Brazil
Roast Curve for Founders’ Roast: Brazil

We developed this coffee while thinking about what might contribute the most to liver health (please see more information on our website). Research has shown that healthy, antioxidant polyphenols in coffee degrade the longer the coffee is roasted. To preserve them, we apply a shorter, steeper roast curve, and we end the roast slightly lighter than Original Purity Coffee®. This brings out the cocoa and roasted almond sweet notes with a subdued touch of lime as it cools, producing an overall balanced cup.

The farm balances plants and animals together, using composting and cover cropping. They make their own biodynamic fertilizers, even incorporating a fishery to produce nutrient-rich soils. Their coffee cultivars are diverse as well: Red and yellow catuaí, obatan, pacamara, red bourbon, and topazio.

Intercropping and strategic crop rotation further enhance La Floresta soils, stabilize nitrogen, and multiply microbial diversity for plant and environmental health. At Purity we have found that farms that use methods like these produce coffees that are more complex, and we are actively studying the difference in nutrition that we feel when we drink these coffees compared to other organics.

Ecological production is a core value of La Floresta. They channel pure water from the mountain and collect rainwater from the roof of their drying patios to process their coffees. The farm uses various methods to transform the harvested coffee cherry to the green beans/seeds that are roasted and then brewed. This particular lot for Purity Coffee employs the “semi-washed” method to conserve water and produce a sweeter roasted coffee. The outer layer of the coffee fruit is removed, and the pulp inside is loosely washed off, leaving some residue behind.

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