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This Founders’ Roast we decided to highlight one of the healthiest coffees we have encountered that also makes an exceptional cold brew. Of course, this coffee would be delicious brewed hot, too, but we created the roast curve to bring out the best in the coffee specifically as a cold brew.

Our mission is improving the world’s health through coffee. We believe that you will love the taste of this coffee as much as we do, and we ask you to pay special attention to how it makes you feel. We would love your feedback. We hope you enjoy this limited-edition cold brew. Cheers!

Our Founders’ Roast is a seasonal premium coffee with many distinctive qualities. The Founders’ Roast coffees are produced in small batches and are available while supplies last. Limited release of 1,100 17.7 oz bags.

We will send the orders within 48 hours of roasting. Oxygen in the bag is displaced with nitrogen, a natural way to prevent oxidation and staling. Your coffee will taste as fresh as the day it was roasted.


Roast Profile of Founders' Cold Brew:

Cold Brew Founders Roast Curve
Nicaragua Founders’ Roast Curve

Research has shown that less of the healthy, antioxidant CGAs are extracted during cold brew versus hot brew. To help make more CGAs available, we experimented with a shorter roast curve, although we still ended at a slightly darkish medium roast to maximize the compounds (chlorogenic acid lactones and melanoidins, among others) that encourage probiotic activity in the gut.

Research in 2017 from Korea showed some incredible properties of cold brew: isolated from cold-brew coffee can serve as an inducer of the systemic immune system through the intestines and activate macrophage function and intestinal immunity.

Founders Roast Cold Brew Coffee

Once we have roasted the coffees to a curve that we like, we cup and taste the coffees in our lab… not in your home, of course. Every brew method depends on several variables: Water quality, grind size, temperature, brewing device, extraction time, how much the coffee is stirred, and what kind of filter is used. When any of these variables are changed, we know that the coffee taste can be different and to a certain extent the compounds of the coffee may be different as well.

In particular, water temperature in relation to extraction time impacts the chemistry of the coffee significantly. With a cold brew, the water temperature is likely around room temperature or a bit cooler, differences that are not as impactful on the coffee chemistry at first as near boiling temperature are. Of course, the other variables still impact the cold brew flavor, but with the heat variable the method does seem more forgiving, when general principles are followed. Here are basic guidelines for cold brewing:

Recommended cold brew grind size

  • Food safety first: Always use impeccably clean equipment, checking nooks and attachment points on the brewing device that could collect pathogens. Always brew in your refrigerator— never on the counter (aka “ambient brewing”).
  • It depends how strong you want your cold brew, whether you will add ice (which will add water and reduce strength) or other ingredients, but a general starting point is 100 grams of coffee for 1 to 1.5 liters. Always adjust to taste. There is a wide variation of recommendations on the internet, but this is as good a place to start as any.
  • Use clean, cold water free of chemicals, but with some mineral content, like spring water.
  • Use a medium-coarse grind, similar to coarse salt or ½ the size of decorator’s sugar.
  • Make sure all the grounds are immersed in the water.
  • Try brewing for at least 18 hours. Maximum antioxidant capacity has been seen, though, between 24 and 30 hours of brewing using cold water and the grind above (again, in a refrigerator).

Please see our literature review of the science currently available on cold brew. Interestingly, a couple studies showed that the grind is important to have as medium coarse.

Founders Roast Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Grower Mausi Kuhl
Mausi Kühl
Located approximately 4,000 ft. above sea level, Selva Negra has been producing outstanding coffee for over 100 years by the Kühl family, who still run the operation today. For decades, Mausi Kühl has been pioneering regenerative farming techniques and has become a leader of sustainability for the larger specialty coffee community, winning numerous awards.

The farm’s ecological practices are particularly farsighted: They process wastewater with a system that creates methane gas as a byproduct, which in turn fuels the farm and makes its own electricity through bio-methane and hydro-electric means. Selva Negra also produces and uses more than four million pounds of compost a year with coffee pulp as a central ingredient.

Shade Grown CoffeeOver 300 acres of the farm are strictly reserved and protected as a wildlife refuge and an additional 400 acres of secondary forests produce shade grown coffee, which serves as a critical link for migratory birds and land mammals by connecting pieces of forest to one another.

We chose Selva Negra to create our first cold brew specific roast because it has one of the highest levels of healthy chlorogenic acids (CGAs) of any green coffee we have tested to date. We wanted to start as high as possible with CGAs, but also have a sweet coffee, indicating a high polysaccharide level, which has been shown to have a positive impact on immunity responses in the gut. It also produces flavors like dark chocolate, dried fig and Brazil nuts.

Founders Roast Cold Brew Coffee
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