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Purity Coffee is the simplest change you can make to have the largest impact on your health & well-being. We want you to experience the benefits of switching to a healthier coffee, so we’d like to send you a free sample bag of our organic, specialty-grade, antioxidant-rich whole bean coffee absolutely free. Our only request is that you try our coffee exclusively for 3-5 days in order to experience the maximum benefits. We’re confident you’ll be able to feel a difference after switching to Purity Coffee, but it’s something you need to experience first-hand.

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Here is How Our Free Trial Works:

Step 1


Order a Trial Bag.

Simply set up an account on our site and provide us with the shipping address where we can send the sample bag. You will not be billed; we just want to provide you with a small gift of healthy whole bean coffee. This is a no-strings-attached free trial.
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Step 2

Coffee Cup

Brew and Sample.

Choose your favorite brewing method (check out our guide for some helpful tips) and then experience coffee nirvana. Our sample bag will provide you with about 8 (8oz) cups of coffee. Spend a few days drinking no other coffee but Purity and take note of how you feel.
Brewing Guide

Step 3

Whole Bean Coffee

We keep you supplied.

When you decide that you love the coffee and want to keep receiving it, just return to our shop and we’ll get you supplied. You can sign up for a subscription or you can order Purity Coffee as needed, and at your convenience.
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This special free trial offer is only available to new customers within the United States.