Dr. Beth O'Hara

"I used to always feel awful after drinking coffee because of MCAS and Histamine Intolerance - all the pesticides, mycotoxins, and histamine made me really ill. I missed drinking coffee for years until I discovered Purity Coffee Calm. I'm very happy to have a great-tasting coffee that's low histamine, all organic, mycotoxin-free, and a great source of antioxidants. I love the Pocket Purity because it's easy to brew a cup anytime, and I can easily take it with me for travel. It's important that we stop polluting our world, which is making us all sick. Purity Coffee's regenerative farming methods are top-notch. Purity Coffee has created the top health coffee in the world from all angles. This is all why Purity Coffee is my coffee recommendation for our Mast Cell 360 Community. Thousands of sensitive people have been able to get back to enjoying coffee again since finding Purity Coffee."