The journey to better health through coffee

The driving need for healthier habits

How one couple’s quest for improved health inspired the creation of Purity Coffee®.

Habit change is hard. With so much conflicting information out there about what we should be eating and drinking to achieve better health, making responsible dietary choices can be confusing and overwhelming. This is exactly what inspired Andrew Salisbury to start Purity Coffee.

A few years ago, Andrew’s wife Amber began to experience debilitating fatigue. She found herself struggling to perform regular daily activities and would sleep 10–12 hours yet wake up as exhausted as if she hadn’t slept at all.

Doctors were stumped and Amber and Andrew were frustrated. The couple had been doing everything that healthy adults should: exercising regularly, eating healthy and organic foods, getting regular sleep, and drinking plenty of purified water. Nothing seemed to help.

Amber began drinking copious amounts of coffee just to get through the day and Andrew became concerned that her coffee routine was contributing to her mysterious health issues. He’d read all the health advice online about cutting out coffee to improve energy levels.

Amber wasn’t about to give up on her coffee pick-me-up without proof so Andrew set out to discover the real truth about the health effects of coffee. His investigation took him straight to the experts: Vanderbilt University Institute of Coffee Studies (ICS).

Digging into the science

Andrew immediately recognized that his fears about coffee inducing health problems were misplaced and the complete opposite was true. Vanderbilt’s ICS shared more than 19,000 studies establishing coffee’s health benefits, across conditions like diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, Alzheimer’s and various cancers.

And it doesn’t just help a little bit. Research has shown that 3–5 cups of coffee per day has an astonishing array of health benefits, primarily thanks to its antioxidant activity.

The public perception of the negative impact of coffee consumption stemmed from poorly-developed studies from the 1950’s that were tarnished by the correlative effects of bad habits that traditionally accompanied a morning cup of joe, like smoking. When you zero in on coffee on its own merit, it’s really actually quite beneficial.

The experts from ICS welcomed a refreshed effort to inform the public, including the medical community, about the exceptional health benefits of coffee.

The Salisburys were ready to take on that challenge. 


Coffee is one of the healthiest foods in the western diet

Creating the first health-focused coffee brand


More than just educating the world, Andrew and Amber wanted to put science in the driver’s seat and truly maximize the potential of coffee. They, along with business partners Jon and Missy Butcher, brought together a team of industry professionals, scientists, and medical practitioners to help design a process that makes every decision based on health. And not just our individual health and wellness, but the wellbeing of our planet.

From the start, environmental and social responsibilities have been core principles of Purity Coffee®. The team maintains relationships with multiple conscientious farmers and stands by equitable and sustainable compensation for their service. This, coupled with a climate positive approach, contributes to the mission to make the world a better and healthier place through coffee.