Dr. Abbey Houde

"Every morning, as I take the first sip of Purity Coffee, I am transported to a world of warmth and comfort. It's the perfect accompaniment to my cherished morning routine, a ritual I share with my loved ones where we delve into deep conversations and make lasting memories. With every sip, I can feel the medicinal properties of this top-quality coffee working its magic on my mind and body, filling me with a sense of focus and motivation that stays with me throughout the day. To me, coffee is more than just a drink; it's a source of healing and wellness, and I am honored to stand by a product that embodies these values. Purity Coffee is not just delicious, it's organic, third-party tested and of the highest quality, making it the perfect choice for anyone who believes in the power of food as medicine. My go-to is the whole bean flow medium roast."