Katie Wells

"Whenever I brew a cup of coffee, I want to make sure I’m choosing coffee beans that are a healthy (and tasty!) option. That’s why I’m drinking Purity Coffee. They’re certified organic, mold-free, mycotoxin-free, and pesticide-free. I'm a stickler for high-quality coffee, and Purity meets all my criteria. Growing high-quality coffee without pesticides is a challenge and less than 1% of coffee beans are specialty-grade organic. This means that Purity Coffee beans are hand harvested and sorted for quality at the farm. I really like how they test every harvest for contaminants like glyphosate, heavy metals, and mold. But what makes them different and beyond the baseline is they also focus on the positive, healthy compounds, like antioxidants, to make sure they’re sourcing the highest quality beans. It’s also one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted and has such a fragrant aroma and smooth taste!"