Kimberly Almodóvar-Fernández

"I have always been a coffee lover and I think it runs in my Puerto Rican blood! However, after giving birth, my body rejected coffee because it caused me an upset stomach, which had never happened before. Naturally, during the postpartum period, the body needs to heal, and it is important to nourish it with whole, nutrient-rich foods. When I discovered the amazing Purity Coffee, which made a huge difference, it was gentle on my body, and its nutrients helped me during my postpartum healing process! Not only did I love that this coffee is specialty-grade organic, free of pesticides, molds, and mycotoxins, but it is also high in antioxidants and its rich flavor is pure and fresh! Now this is the coffee we enjoy as a family at home!"

"It is important to maintain a healthy nervous system so that our body functions properly and we achieve good health and well-being. Purity Coffee has bioactivity compounds serving as beneficial nutrients to support the immune system and promote overall optimal health, especially in the brain and the gut. In addition, I truly like that it's produced in generative farms for soil health, animal welfare and healthy communities! I recommend this coffee for all families, especially for all the moms who need pure and clean energy to carry out their daily activities smoothly! My absolute favorites are the Flow and Ease roast in whole bean coffee."