Kristi Hujik, CPT, CIHC

"A coffee a day was a long-time habit, but whether it produced a positive or negative depended. Sometimes I would try to drink black coffee, or any coffee, on an empty stomach, and I would immediately experience digestive issues. God forbid, if I tried to skip a day of having coffee - I would get the worst headache. It was years later that I discovered high levels of Ochratoxin A in my system through functional medicine testing. I ended up giving up coffee for a while to help heal my gut. When the proper time came to add coffee back to the mix, Purity Coffee was recommended because of its organic, third-party mold-tested blends. I haven’t looked back. It’s been great for me and delicious..I had no idea about the mold/mycotoxins in coffee. I appreciate the way Purity does so much to impact the world in a positive way with their products. I’ve learned so much about the thoughtful process Purity goes through to bring people healthier coffee. Now I drink the EASE blend the majority of the time because I love the darker roasts. But I love the fact that I never have digestive symptoms and can enjoy my coffee black or not. I’m also headache-free if I happen to skip a day. It’s been life-changing to be able to enjoy a daily habit and turn it into a positive for my well-being. I’ve recommended it to so many friends, family, and clients. One word to describe my Purity Coffee experience is impactful. My preference is the Ease dark roast, but I love them all and sometimes enjoy a decaf in the evening. I love the KCups. I either get the KCups from Purity or I grind beans and use a reusable empty K-Cup. My husband loves to French Press his! The biggest void Purity helps fill is coffee when I travel for work. I love the travel packets! All I need is hot water, anywhere, anytime."