Sara Barthel, CNS, LDN

"Coffee is one of life's simple pleasures! Unfortunately, for many women I work with who have IBS or autoimmunity, coffee can cause jitters and worsen digestive issues. Finding Purity Coffee has been a game changer in helping many of them reintroduce coffee since Purity is produced and harvested so that it doesn't contain mold mycotoxins or pesticides. Coffee is one of the top sources of antioxidants in the American diet and is linked to many health benefits - including heart health, liver health and brain health - so if my coffee loving clients don't have to eliminate it then it's a huge win for everyone!"

"As a functional medicine nutritionist, I know that what we eat and drink is a form of self-respect. Our daily choices add up in terms of the nutrients we put into our bodies and the chemicals we are exposed to which is why I feel great about choosing Purity Coffee. I love my morning ritual with my husband of dark roast beans, freshly ground, and steeped in a french press. The smell of the freshly ground beans is an experience in and of itself! It starts my day off with stable energy and focus, without the crash. I enjoy it and I recommend it to all of my clients because it's the cleanest, best-tasting coffee I've found."