Stacie Hassing, RDN

"Purity Coffee has been my coffee of choice for over 5 years now. The aroma and taste is unlike any other coffee and drinking high-quality coffee is important to me. I appreciate that every step of the Purity process is health-focused and driven by scientific research. The beans are third-party tested to be free of pesticides, toxins, and mold. If I had to describe Purity Coffee in one word, it would be joy—it truly brings me joy every morning. It makes me feel awake and helps me to focus with no jitters or anxious feelings. My favorite roast is the Ease Dark Roast. I love the bold flavor and how gentle it is on my stomach. The whole beans are my go-to. They are highest in antioxidants and produce the freshest taste. Every morning I look forward to grinding Purity Coffee beans and enjoying a cup of coffee to get my day started right. In addition, the dark roast coffee beans work great in my espresso machine!"