About Us

A Cause That Matters

The health benefits of coffee are nothing short of astonishing, but remain virtually unknown to consumers. We believe that publishing information for consumers to study and reshape their perceptions regarding coffee and health could create a chain reaction that could have a positive impact on many people.

A Passionate Team of Experts

At Purity, we’ve brought together prominent coffee industry professionals, scientists, cuppers, and medical practitioners to help us base every decision on maximizing the health benefits of already high-quality coffees. Our areas of expertise may differ, but we all have a singular mission: to evaluate options and choose the healthiest processes for Purity Coffee, from the science to practices - piecing together critical research findings, experimenting with processes, and testing results.

Ultimately, we envision sharing the power of good brewed in a delicious cup of coffee that heals and enhances the lives of people from all walks of life.

Bringing Clarity to Consumers

Science clearly tells us that drinking coffee is one of the healthiest things you can do to protect yourself against major diseases, increase physical performance, enhance brain function and contribute to longevity.

In early 2015, the USDA awarded coffee a “strong” health grade to coffee, stating...

"Strong and consistent evidence shows that consumption of coffee within the moderate range is not associated with increased risk of major chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer and premature death in health adults.” Further, in mid-2015, the USDA characterized coffee as “a functional food with health benefits”. According to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, “Consumption of coffee has positive health benefits and therefore can be incorporated into a healthy dietary pattern.” However, the vast majority of consumers aren’t aware of the health benefits of coffee, nor are they aware that there’s any real difference between organic specialty coffee and mainstream commodity coffee. Those who seek awareness of health issues of coffee receive confusing and conflicting information from the media. At Purity Coffee, we’re passionate about the health benefits of coffee. We believe that the detrimental misinformation surrounding coffee needs to be corrected.

It’s time for a change...

At Purity, our goal is to present the original scientific research that clearly proves coffee is beneficial to human health and give people a new reason to drink coffee. Consumers have a right to know that there is a discernible difference between healthy and unhealthy coffee, and that it is important to use health, in addition to taste, as a driver in choosing coffee. Oxygen, moisture and sunlight are the main factors that cause staling in coffee at home. Because Purity ships every month, freezing your coffee is not necessary, as long as you store your coffee in an airtight container and avoid storing coffee in areas of humidity and direct sunlight. Please do not store your coffee in the refrigerator. Over time, this will incentivize coffee companies to collaborate, compete, study, innovate and increase the health benefits of coffee. We believe that innovation around coffee and health could have a significant positive impact on millions of people – from the growers at the source all the way through the production chain to the end consumer. In doing so, we hope to create a market for change.