Responsible Packaging: Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Purity Coffee®, we are deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact and making responsible choices when it comes to our packaging. As a perishable consumer packaged goods company, we understand that our packaging choices directly influence our carbon footprint. In the ongoing debate surrounding the sustainability of packaging materials, including biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable options, we believe that supporting a circular economy of recycled materials is the most responsible decision we can make at this time.

Challenges of Biodegradable and Compostable Materials

While there are well-intentioned discussions about the merits of biodegradable and compostable packaging materials, it's important to consider their limitations. In reality, most materials claiming to be compostable require commercial composting facilities to break down properly. This means that, for the majority of these consumer products, their ultimate destination is a landfill. We have found no coffee product materials that are compostable in home composting or biodegradable in landfills.

Recycling as a Responsible Choice In the United States, recycling has its own set of challenges, but it remains a viable and effective option for reducing waste. Most food-safe LDPP (Low-Density Polypropylene) and LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) materials are curbside recyclable in many communities. At Purity Coffee, we prioritize using materials with post-consumer content whenever possible to contribute to the circular economy.

Advancing Sustainability Through Recycling

In 2022, we embarked on a significant initiative to transition all our coffee bags to recyclable plastic, incorporating over 50% post-consumer content. Our aim is to complete this transition by 2023, ensuring that our entire product catalog becomes fully recyclable.

Recyclable Packaging Initiatives

  • Purity Pods: The packaging box for our coffee pods is entirely recyclable.
  • Pocket Purity Cartons and Sachet Packaging: These products are also recyclable, with the sachet itself made from a biodegradable and vegetable-based woven material called polylactic acid (PLA).

We remain dedicated to our mission of making sustainable packaging choices that align with our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. We believe that by prioritizing recyclability and incorporating post-consumer content, we can continue to make a positive impact on the planet while delivering the highest quality coffee to our valued customers. Thank you for joining us on this journey toward a more sustainable future.