The Purity Standard

How do you set the bar for the healthiest cup of coffee?

Is it the way it’s grown or shipped? Is it the way it’s roasted or prepared?

The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes to all those things—and more!

The best coffee hits a high standard for every step of the coffee production process, from the coffee plant to the coffee pot. We call this complex combination of health and good taste The Purity Standard.

For Purity, a holistic approach to coffee and health is paramount. We believe consumers deserve to know how their coffee is grown, harvested, processed, stored, tested, and shipped.

At Purity, we strive to hit the targets that we’ve set, but there’s always room for improvement. For transparency, it’s important to let our customers know how we measure up.

For every criterion, we know where we stand. We aim for consistency, and we maintain it through third-party testing and reviews.

Even though it may require spending time and money at the expense of speed of business, Purity values doing things in alignment with our standards, which are active guidelines we use to assure our quality. This equates to tens of thousands of dollars in laboratory testing annually to confirm our quality by measuring dozens of different compounds. We believe that avoiding harmful compounds (like molds and mycotoxins) and defective coffee is the minimum level for any health-focused coffee. Once those standards are met, we seek those coffees with the most antioxidant compounds and nutrition—this is where we enjoy focusing and researching the most.

Our standards are grouped into five categories: Farming, Processing, Roasting, Packaging, and Sustainability.  

A lot of coffee brands are amazing at meeting particular standards, but less so than others. Some, for example, reach full marks for organic growth and harvest but fall short when it comes to roasting to maximize CGA. Others may have high levels of antioxidants but might not be organic.

The gold standard for healthy coffee

We believe consumers deserve to know how their coffee is harvested, stored, tested, and shipped.

We at Purity strive to hit the targets that we’ve set, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. For the sake of full disclosure, it’s important to let our customers know how we measure up.

For every criterion, we know where we stand. We aim for consistency, and we maintain it through rigorous testing. Even though it may require going the extra mile when it comes to both time and money, Purity spares no expense. In fact, we have spent over $10,000 on testing every batch of coffee beans for toxins before and after roasting.



Organics, Biodynamic Farming, and Sustainability

We consider it vital to know where coffee beans come from, and we are never complacent in our quality control. Our coffees must be organically grown to eliminate any chance that toxic pesticides have permeated the coffee cherries. We ensure our coffees are officially certified organic, and most have achieved the Smithsonian Bird Friendly Certification, the highest standard of certified organic coffee.

While many companies might choose a single farm to promote traceability (among other things), we maintain relationships with multiple conscientious producers, with whom we maintain open communication throughout the year. Essentially, we have several “single origin” coffees that are fully traceable. We strategically select coffees that blend well to provide the consistency that our customers expect, and only the best beans make the cut.

We maintain relationships with multiple conscientious farmers, consistency is our top priority–only the best beans make the cut.

In 2022, we bought our first coffee farm in Colombia and have begun collaborating with our other producers to combine our efforts to grow the healthiest coffee possible year after year. The best coffee for you means that while it is free from contaminants such as pesticides, mold, and mycotoxins as a baseline, it is also highest in CGA and other antioxidants. We are in the process of studying best practices in regenerative farming, which we believe produces coffees with the highest nutrition and compounds that make you feel good.

In addition, environmental sustainability has become a core principle of Purity, and the regenerative organic movement is our guide. It is holistic, involving soil health, biodiversity, animal welfare, and fair wages and working conditions, among other things. As consumers realize just how good coffee can be for health, they will ask for standards that support that, which in turn will reward farmers and the climate. In turn, we commit to providing certified organic, specialty-grade, regeneratively or biodynamically farmed coffee that is measurably high in CGA and nutrients and tested to be free of defects and mycotoxins. You deserve it.

Eco-friendly and freshness-focused packaging

We work hard to make sure we don’t overbuy coffee. That’s how beans can end up languishing on shelves, oxidizing and going stale. We preserve freshness by flushing coffee bags with nitrogen and getting oxygen levels down to 2%, even though 1% is a goal we would like to reach. We use as much repurposed and sustainable material as possible, though the coffee industry as of yet doesn’t have materials made from 100% recycled products. As sustainability becomes an industry-wide priority, we are optimistic that will change.

Exceptional customer service

Conscientious coffee harvests, painstaking tests for toxin and antioxidant levels, and the freshest storing and shipping are among our many targets for excellence. But at the heart of it all, it’s our customers who inspire us to do better every day. We take all these steps so that you can enjoy as many health benefits as a balanced cup of coffee can offer. And that’s why we consider amazing customer service integral to the Purity Standard.

The PDF here is a more detailed depiction of everything Purity Coffee® does to maintain a baseline level of quality and where we still have room to grow.

Discover the Purity difference. Explore the results of our lab testing here.