Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

$20.00 or $20.00 $18.00 / month

Organic, Specialty Grade Dark Roast Coffee

The same high standard Purity coffee you love, but roasted darker. The dark roast has less acidity along with more of the robust flavor people expect from darker roasted coffees.

Purity Dark Roast contains more dark chocolate notes and caramelized sugar notes than that of our original roast coffee.

Roast Profile

Click Here for More on the Health Benefits of Our Darker Roast

Purity’s original coffee is a medium roast, which is a bit darker than the industry’s sample roast level to evaluate (or “cup”) specialty coffee. Purity’s dark roast is darker than medium, and what some might say is a “Full City” roast. It is NOT as dark as what many consider Italian or French roast.

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Product Description

We started Purity Coffee because we know that coffee is good for you but it could be made even better with conscious sourcing and roasting with only health in mind. Our commitment to our customers is such that we would make every decision based on health without compromise. That’s why until this point we have only one coffee and one roast level because that coffee and roast level was the very best with health as the only consideration.

Studies have recently shown us that we could actually maximize other healthy compounds and give our customers a choice in roast level while still meeting our exacting standards. We are excited to now offer a darker roast while at the same time being completely transparent about what compounds we have maximized and what we lose so our customers can make informed decisions about the coffee that is best for them.

The result is the same high standard Purity Coffee you love, but roasted darker. At this darker roast, some of the chlorogenic acid content decreases, which impacts the antioxidant activity of those particular polyphenols (if this is your priority, stick with our medium roast). However, this dark roast still contains lactones and melanoidins, which have antioxidant properties. The dark roast has less acidity, for those who feel the acid bothers them, but it makes up for acidity with a robust flavor people expect from darker roasted coffees. Click here to see the research involved with producing our darker roast and to learn more about its unique health benefits.

Purity Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean
Purity Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean
Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
$20.00 or $20.00 $18.00 / month
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