Chlorogenic Acid in Coffee: The Benefits of High CGA Coffee

Chlorogenic Acid in Coffee: The Benefits of High CGA Coffee

Did you know a cup of coffee each morning is a major source of beneficial antioxidants? In fact, clinical studies show that coffee is one of the largest sources of antioxidants in the human diet [1]. One antioxidant in particular, known as chlorogenic acid (CGA), is the key to many of coffee's most popular health benefits – it's one of the reasons why finding a high CGA coffee is so beneficial for people. Chlorogenic acid in coffee helps fight the damage caused by free radicals, which studies have suggested may help reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and even lower your blood pressure.

Thankfully, you don't have to do much to experience these chlorogenic acid benefits for yourself. Once you find your favorite high CGA coffee, you just need to continue your coffee consumption as you usually would. It's really that simple.

What Is Chlorogenic Acid?

As mentioned, chlorogenic acid is the primary antioxidant linked to coffee's most potent health benefits. Speaking technically, chlorogenic acid is the ester of caffeic acid and quinic acid. The chlorogenic acid in coffee is not as much acidic-tasting as it is thought to be responsible for coffee’s bitter or astringent taste. Chlorogenic acids are phenolic compounds and polyphenols (micronutrients) that are as important for flavor formation as they are for the health effects of coffee.

But knowing that a high CGA coffee is rich in antioxidants isn't enough information for most people to understand what's happening in their bodies. So, what is chlorogenic acid good for? Antioxidants, like those found in antioxidant-rich whole bean coffee, are critical to one's health because they inhibit the oxidation caused by free radicals found in our bodies. Typically, oxygen is beneficial, but as part of free radical compounds, oxygen is actually quite damaging to our cells and their genetic material. High oxidation levels can ultimately lead to cancer, systematic inflammation and high blood pressure, among other issues. That's why it's beneficial to add more antioxidants to one's diet, which is one of the founding principles of Purity Coffee—since the beginning, we have been working to provide the health benefits people need through the highest quality organic coffees produced.

What Is High CGA Coffee?

Now that you know the antioxidant, it's time to discuss how you can find a proper high CGA coffee to help get the chlorogenic acid benefits for yourself. Before being roasted for our drinking pleasure, coffee is a greenish seed that comes from the fruit (often referred to as a “cherry”) of the coffee plant. Unroasted coffee is referred to as “green coffee”, and you may see “green coffee extract” as an ingredient in many products these days.

There are plenty of raw green coffee benefits for people to take full advantage of, but one, in particular, is their higher levels of chlorogenic acid. Because CGA breaks down when exposed to heat, it is important to have sourced green coffee high in CGA, and then follow a roasting protocol that allows for the least amount of CGA degradation. At Purity Coffee, we utilize a special roasting process to ensure as much chlorogenic acid (and other antioxidants) as possible is retained, while ensuring the roast produces a well-balanced, delicious coffee. In addition, we digitally monitor every batch to ensure we're following the roast curve we designed to retain the highest levels of antioxidants possible. Based on our independent laboratory testing, Purity Coffee is around 65% higher than other organic coffee brands.

Chlorogenic Acid Benefits

We've briefly touched on some of the chlorogenic acid benefits you can receive when buying from high antioxidant coffee brands, but let's take a deeper dive into what high CGA coffee can do for the body. CGA has been associated with antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory activity, and others that reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. However, the biological activities depend on the stability of CGAs, which are sensitive to pH, temperature, and light, and also individual differences in humans. All of us are different with our own internal chemistry, biology, and functionality of our many glands, organs and moving parts, and individuals metabolize CGA their own way and tolerate CGA differently. The following points highlight peer-reviewed scientific research that has been accumulating for decades:

  • Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Consuming high CGA coffee may improve postprandial blood flow and endothelial function, meaning chlorogenic acid may reduce some of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis [2, 3].
  • Reduce Inflammation: Chlorogenic acid in coffee may help lower levels of inflammation and, over the long term, prevent chronic disease [4].
  • Improve Glucose Regulation: Having a diet rich in chlorogenic acid sources may help regulate glucose levels, which can be beneficial for losing weight and reducing the risk of diabetes [5].
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Chlorogenic acid may benefit a person's blood pressure by causing a statistically moderate reduction in diastolic and systolic blood pressure during the ingestion period [6].

Choose High CGA Coffee to Help You Feel Your Best

Here at Purity Coffee, it's our mission to be recognized as one of the top high antioxidant coffee brands in the world – everything we do stems from wanting to make our coffee better for your health by bringing out the best the coffee plant has to offer. We do not add anything to our coffees; rather, we work with producers who are as dedicated to health and wellness as we are. Our coffees come from organic regenerative farms that innovate methods for producing the healthy, nutrient-rich plants. We roast to retain the most CGA and nutrition in the coffee that makes you feel good all over, while creating an exceptional taste experience.

View our specialty-grade organic whole bean coffee selection, and make the change for yourself today. We even offer gift coffee subscription services so you can share the health benefits of high CGA coffee with someone you care for. If you have any questions about our coffee, feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

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