An Easy Lifestyle Change with Remarkable Health Benefits

An Easy Lifestyle Change with Remarkable Health Benefits

So… how’s it going with those New Year’s fitness resolutions? When we think about living a healthier lifestyle we often assume that we need to make drastic changes in our routine in order to improve our health, increase our energy, or boost our mood. We know that a healthy diet that consists of organic whole foods is better for us, but conscious shopping and meal prep requires a good deal of effort. Exercise also provides a lot of benefits when it comes to achieving better health, but it’s also hard work.

What if I told you there’s one very simple lifestyle choice you could make that would require next to no effort yet would provide you remarkable benefits? You don’t need to buy a supplement or drink something that’s supposed to be good for you but is not palatable. This one choice probably wouldn’t require you either to add or give up something that you’re already doing.

What is this choice?

Drinking high-quality coffee is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your overall health. When we read about the benefits of coffee, it is important to know that not all coffees are created equal.

Just like any agricultural commodity, there are different varieties, grades, and levels of quality and care taken to create the finished product that ends up in your cup. This also means there is a wide range of levels of beneficial compounds, too, depending on how the coffee was grown, kept free of contaminants, and managed with good food safety practices.

While being certified organic is undoubtedly important, avoiding pesticides is just one of the many boxes to check in order to qualify a coffee as being healthier for you. Additionally, keeping coffee free of mold, mycotoxins, and other contaminants is critical, because those compounds are harmful at different levels. To have healthy coffee, it’s important that these impurities are minimized or avoided.

The highest grade of quality is “specialty” coffee, which has standards for both green (raw) and roasted coffee. It is typically associated with higher-end coffees sourced for optimal flavor, but specialty beans are important for a truly healthy coffee. Careful picking and sorting ensure the coffee is free of defects, which is key to avoiding contaminants.

Even more important than coffee being clean, though, is coffee that is high in  antioxidants, like CGA (chlorogenic acid), which reduce inflammation and protect cells from free-radical damage. Studies show numerous benefits of CGA, including anti-carcinogenic properties. The only way to know if your coffee is high in CGA is to test the green coffee, select those with the highest levels of CGA, roast to maintain as much as possible, and then test the coffee afterward to benchmark quality.

Like CGA, there are numerous other positive, bioactive compounds in coffee. Trigonelline is another substance that may help guard against oxidative stress and inflammation. It may help regulate blood sugar levels, protect against heart disease and testing has shown that it may also have beneficial effects on memory and cognitive function.

Ready to improve your overall health with ease? 

Switching to drinking a higher quality coffee, that is produced with health as its primary objective, should be the easiest decision you make this year to add a positive impact to your overall health.  

Purity Coffee® is the only coffee on the market that makes every decision based on health without compromise, laboratory testing all our coffees to ensure they maintain our exacting standards. We curate only specialty-grade beans that are organic regeneratively farmed, selected to be the highest in antioxidants, and we then roast our coffees to a sweet spot that prioritizes health benefits but is also mindful of taste.

This should go without saying, but also be mindful of how you drink your coffee. All of the wonderful health benefits in coffee can be canceled out by adding loads of sugar or other unhealthy additives. If you’re unable to drink your coffee black then that’s a tell tale sign it’s a sub-standard coffee that probably isn’t doing any favors for your health.

As people realize that food is indeed medicine, we turn our attention to things that we consume daily, and coffee could be your highest food leverage point for your overall health and longevity. It is the simplest way you can improve your health from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Want to learn more about the health benefits of coffee? Read this blog to find out more.

If you are drinking other coffees besides Purity, you should request and encourage that they publicly share their coffee bean testing protocols and results. If they are not currently testing their beans for toxins and other harmful compounds then that should be a concern. Your health is worth it!

We hope you found this post helpful and we wish you all the best in pursuing your health and wellness goals in the coming year. 

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  • Dena

    I’ve been subscribing to Purity coffee for 3 years! Hands down the best in taste & quality. As with anything else in life. "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR " As with anything else in life. This coffee has optimal benefits I encourage everyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee ☕️ to try it! Best thing I did for myself.

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