Why Kups and Why Now?

It has taken us over a year to finally release KUPS coffee pods for Purity Coffee. Our goal was to provide a coffee that was good for our customers’ health without also polluting the environment, so we went in search of the holy grail: a biodegradable KUP. Unfortunately, while they exist they are porous by design and let the air into the ground coffee - causing it to stale immediately. That matters greatly to us because stale coffee has fewer antioxidants, and providing you with fresh, antioxidant-rich coffee is what we have worked tirelessly to do. A loaf of bread made with the best ingredients but left to stale is still stale bread. Ultimately, we had to go back to our mission and values statement that we wrote when we started Purity. It states that we are dedicated to improving health through coffee and every decision we make would be based on the health of our consumers. Making our coffee more convenient meant that people would be able to drink more of it, and not having KUPS was a barrier for many to getting our great coffee. We decided that giving our customers access to a recyclable KUP meant more people would drink Purity. While we did everything possible to minimize environmental impact, we knew that KUPS would allow Purity to be accessible to a much larger group and we could achieve our core goal of improving as many people’s health through coffee as possible. Andrew Salisbury Founder, Purity Coffee Andrew Salisbury

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