Why Dark Roast? Why Now?

At Purity Coffee, we continue to look for the best green coffees and perform continual research in an effort to evolve our approach to optimizing our coffee’s inherent health benefits. Coffee is extremely complex and various beneficial compounds can be created or destroyed at different levels in the roasting process. When we set out to create Purity Coffee, the goal was to produce what we believed to be the healthiest coffee on the market. Our focus was to deliver the purest form of coffee with the highest antioxidant levels possible, without sacrificing taste.

As part of our continuing research around coffee and health, we’ve gone on to explore the other beneficial compounds in coffee, as well as their positive effects on health. It was this research that led us to pursue a darker roast coffee produced using the same exacting standard as that of our flagship original roast.

After 2 years worth of studies and iterative testing, we’re proud to announce the launch of a darker roast Purity Coffee. Our new darker roast has a more robust flavor for those preferring a bolder taste, and it’s also found to be gentler on the stomach than even our original medium roast Purity Coffee.

Our new dark roast follows a profile laid out in the scientific literature and hits several points that have been proven to be critical. Our coffee’s standards haven’t changed, but the compounds we are looking for in roasting have expanded. Generally, throughout the literature, dark roast appears to be an appropriate choice for individuals with digestive issues and seems to have positive effects on the brain.

When comparing Purity Dark Roast to Purity Original, here are a few points to consider:

  1. Because of the high content of chlorogenic acids, coffee is considered the most important contributor to antioxidant intake in many populations. Purity Dark Roast still has antioxidant capacity, but total CGA is about half the original. On the other hand, high chlorogenic acids may stimulate gastric fluid secretions in some people, and for these people a darker roast may be a better choice.
  2. Acrylamide decreases the darker coffee is roasted. Purity Dark Roast has even lower acrylamide than Purity Original.
  3. Purity Dark Roast coffee is never roasted to a temperature that could create the negative compound PAH. We do not get close to either an Italian Roast or French Roast like in the color chart below:

There are many ways roasters describe a coffee’s color, and most terms are not precise, but rather suggestive.

Purity’s original coffee is a medium roast, which is a bit darker than the industry’s sample roast level to evaluate (or “cup”) specialty coffee. Purity’s dark roast is darker than medium, and what some might say is a “Full City” roast. It is NOT as dark as what many consider Italian or French roast.

The three aforementioned compounds are only a small part of coffee’s story. The literature has pulled us deeper into many other coffee compounds that impact health.

Key compounds For Dark Roast:

  • Melanoidins: Coffee melanoidins may enhance immune-stimulating properties, serve as dietary fiber, and may contribute to reducing the risk of colon cancer.
  • Chlorogenic Acid Lactones: These have antioxidant activity, anti-opioid activity, are hypoglycemic, and have potential positive effects on brain function.
  • B-carboline: Increasingly associated with potentially positive neurological effects, with antidepressive and neuroprotective properties and possibly reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Trigonelline, Niacin (vitamin B3) and N-methylpyridinium: Antioxidant activity, cell protection and potentially helpful for diabetes-related concerns.

The literature shows how there are dozens of choices Purity can make in roasting that positively impacts health. These findings support our vision to further develop coffees for different conditions. This gives more choice for consumers based on their health concerns.

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2 thoughts on “Why Dark Roast? Why Now?”

  1. Hello!
    I just received my first coffee from you today! I got the dark roast and I absolutely love it! I have always loved coffee and drink it years ago but over the years I have been dealing with many digestive issues and have cut it out completely. Recently I have finally had a lot of healing in my house and I have been craving coffee so your company popped up on Facebook the other day and I felt lead to try it! So far it’s going well and I don’t feel any stomach issues or jittery just feel great! I ordered the Keurig tea cups but no I plan to order a whole being in the dark roast! Thank you so very much for this amazing coffee I’m so excited and you have the new very satisfied customer!
    God bless and thank you!
    Susan Tentcher 😊☕🍵

    • Wow, that is incredible Susan! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. Happy you are enjoying Dark Roast Purity Coffee with no negative side effects. Hope you are doing well, cheers!


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