Single Serve Organic Coffee Sachet

Introducing: Pocket Purity

At long last, we’re proud to announce Pocket Purity—our signature health-focused coffee in a portable, environmentally friendly package.

Finally, you’ll be able to bring the coffee you love wherever you go, and prepare it with nothing more than a mug and some hot water. And you’ll get it without sacrificing Purity’s unmatched benefits: organic, specialty-grade, toxin-free coffee roasted to maximize antioxidants, and delivered at peak freshness.

What is Pocket Purity?

Pocket Purity is a single-serving pouch of pre-measured, ground Purity Coffee. It comes in a biodegradable, plastic-free mesh sachet, much like a tea bag. You get the exact same coffee you love in a package that you can bring anywhere. You don’t need to measure out the beans. You don’t need to grind them. You don’t need filters. Just place the bag in a cup and add water.

Why Pocket Purity?

We like to keep things simple.

Once we find a coffee that meets our standards of highest-grade, organic green coffee beans, and a roast curve that maximizes antioxidants and minimizes toxins, that’s what we use. And for a long time, we simply provided these fresh bags of our prized coffee beans, shipped straight to your door.

But when we see a different type of need for healthy coffee, we meet it however we can. (One recent example is our Purity dark roast, which serves people who like their coffee slightly darker, and also provides a higher dose of chlorogenic lactones.)

With your feedback, we became aware of an entirely different, more complicated need. It had nothing to do with the coffee itself and everything to do with how to get that coffee to you.

See, while you might love the ritual of measuring and grinding the beans, and taking in the aroma as you wait for the pot to brew, you may just not have the time to indulge in that process every day.

Purity customers are focused on a healthy lifestyle, and that often includes lots of activity. And while you may love the flavor and health benefits of Purity coffee, the brewing ritual may not be practical during the work week. Often, that means you have to reach for options that aren’t quite as good for you.

Many of our customers tell us that Purity has spoiled them for other coffees. And we hate to think that you could be out there, drinking subpar chain-store coffee or stale coffee pods, when all of us would rather you enjoy good health in its most delicious form.

We realized that this lack of options meant we were falling short of our goal of bringing the healthiest coffee to the greatest number of people. We needed to meet our customer’s need for convenience, without sacrificing the healthy qualities we swear by.

So what took us so long?

Making our choices based on health is easy.

Choosing organic beans over ones that are soaked in pesticides is easy. Choosing specialty grade beans rather than chipped beans that can contain mold and ochratoxin A is easy. Choosing a roast that avoids carcinogens and amplifies antioxidants; between coffee that’s delivered quickly and flushed with nitrogen versus stale and shelved for months...all easy decisions.

When it came to making choices based on convenience, however, there were far more shades of gray. We knew that health was the most important thing, but how could we juggle health, convenience, and our other values? How would we deliver convenience while preserving freshness? How could we uphold our values of sustainability while still giving you the option of the healthiest single-serving coffee around?

Our first solution was imperfect—our single serving coffee-pods, KUPs. We knew that Keurigs were one of the most common methods of brewing coffee around, especially in shared spaces like workplace break rooms. It made sense for us to create pods that could conform to the environments our customers lived in every day.

There are a few drawbacks to KUPs, however. The most obvious one is that plastic coffee pods produce a lot of waste. Keurig machines are also very difficult to clean, and informal studies have revealed that pathogens (bacteria, mold, etc.) easily build up inside of them.

However, these BPA-free, nitrogen-flushed coffee pods helped us uphold our mission to prioritize health for as many people as possible. More people were able to enjoy the antioxidant-rich benefits of Purity Coffee while at work or traveling. The coffee pods were a step in the right direction, and they helped many customers level-up the quality of their coffee-intake.

But we knew we could do even better.

Then We Hit on It

Purity Coffee Single Serve Coffee SachetCoffee in a tea bag is not a new idea. It was just that, up until now, those who actually sold them hadn’t been focused on quality. In fact, they had given this type of coffee delivery system a bit of a stigma.

Pocket Purity is unique in that it’s the only organic, specialty grade, high-end coffee that comes in this convenient, single-serving package. It reached that perfect intersection we’d been looking for. It could be used if you were in a hotel with nothing but a hot water spigot. It could be used if you were on a camping trip. You could use it to easily make a pitcher of cold brew overnight.

Even better, Pocket Purity bags are completely plastic free and compostable. Purity drinkers who needed a convenient option, but were hesitant to use plastic pods, would be able to get the best of both worlds.

We knew we’d finally found the perfect balance. Better for the environment, better for you, and more convenient. We were finally ready to give you that balance that you wanted, and we set to work creating the product.

After over a year spent researching, experimenting and iterating upon this new delivery mechanism to ensure it met our strict standard, we were finally ready to make it available to our customers.

Then COVID-19 happened.

We were prepared to release Pocket Purity to all of you in mid-March, but at that same moment, our world was struck, full-force, with the coronavirus pandemic. All of those plans were put on hold.

But then we realized that all the preparations we’d made to bring Pocket Purity to you had actually given us a way we could help out.

With your help, we provided all the Pocket Purity we had to our healthcare heroes on the frontlines. In this small way, they could take steps to care for their own health as they worked so hard to care for those who were struck by this terrible illness.

And so, we move forward.

It’s time for us to bring Pocket Purity to all of you. Our customers. The people who have inspired us from the beginning.

We can’t really say when things will be “back to normal,” but we are beginning to take some careful steps forward. We all have a lot on our minds, so much that sometimes it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Our goal of combining the optimum health of Purity Coffee in a convenient, environmentally-friendly package, is one way to keep you caring for your own health in the midst of an ever-changing world.

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