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Experience coffee that provides clear focus and a clean energy lift without the jitters or crash.
Purity Coffee
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The Benchmark for Health Focused Coffee

Regeneratively-farmed, bird-friendly®, USDA certified organic specialty-grade coffee tested to ensure optimal levels of antioxidants and the absence of mold & toxins.
Purity Coffee
Going Beyond Organic

Coffee that cares for you and the environment.

Discover how coffee grown the right way enriches your health and nurtures the planet.
Purity Coffee

41,000+ reviews and rated over 4.9 stars by satisfied Purity Coffee® drinkers.

We’re on a mission to improve the world’s health through coffee.

At Purity Coffee®, we’re not just avoiding or eliminating the bad stuff, we work just as hard to optimize for the good stuff.

Drinking healthier coffee is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your overall wellness and longevity, and let's face it...life is too short to be drinking poor quality coffee. Purity Coffee® is health-focused coffee without compromise.

After passing rigorous third-party testing for mold, mycotoxins, and contaminants, our regeneratively farmed, organic, specialty-grade coffee beans undergo a customized roasting process that optimizes the levels of antioxidants, bioactive compounds, and micronutrients contained in our coffee.

When coffee is consciously crafted for your health, there IS a difference you can feel and not just taste.

And don't just take it from us...

Read some of today's customer reviews to see what others are saying about our coffee.

What is the purity standard?

Regeneratively Farmed

We prioritize soil integrity, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and ecosystem resilience.

Always Organic

Pesticide-free, USDA certified organic arabica green coffee is our starting point.

Hand-Picked Specialty Grade

Highest quality industry standard, selected, carefully processed by experienced producers.

Sustainably Sourced

Ensured positive impact on farmers’ livelihoods, produced with full traceability. Certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly.

3rd-Party Tested for Mold & Toxins

Lab tested for mold, mycotoxins and other contaminants—we keep the bad stuff out.

Roasted for Health

Customized roasting protocols prioritize the retention of our coffees’ healthful compounds (chlorogenic acids [CGA]).

Measured Antioxidants

Since our founding, we have continued to lab test for CGA and trigonelline—check out our outstanding results.

Exceptional Taste

Coffee that is grown the way nature intended tastes as you would imagine…simply amazing.

A Difference You Can taste and Feel

Among the numerous testimonials we've received over the years are thousands of rave reviews from customers who have truly felt the difference a healthier coffee can have on their overall well-being.

Review portrait of Mindi R.

Best coffee beans ever ☕️

We have been drinking this coffee daily for years, and we could not imagine any other way to kick off our morning. With other brands, we would often get brain fog our headaches, but not with Purity!

Mindi R.
Munster, IN
Review portrait of Lisa Y.

Purity gave me my coffee back!!

I have fibromyalgia, migraines, Hashimoto, and IBS, I had gotten to a place where my morning coffee was no longer settling well at all! Without coffee, I can’t manage my migraines. A friend encouraged me to try Purity coffee, and once I tried it, there was no going back! Not only does it settle in my stomach well, it is the best coffee I have ever tasted!!! I’m thankful to my friend for introducing me to it and to Purity for making such a great coffee!!!!

Lisa Y.
Liverpool, NY
Review portrait of Rick S.

I'm a believer

To be honest, I didn’t believe that any coffee could live up to the claims that Purity makes. However, this stuff is incredible, and they have a customer for life. It is very smooth, worth every penny, and I know trust Purity with my daily coffee routine. I really enjoy the flavor and I’m already going to place my second order.

Rick S.
Union City, PA

Improving the world’s health through coffee

Mother Nature has known how to produce the perfect coffee and we spent years learning how to undo what mass production has done to negatively affect the health and flavor of the world's superfood beverage, coffee.

Purity coffees are grown as nature intended. Regenerative farming follows nature’s principles and cycles, which we believe produces the best cup for you and for the environment.

When it comes to health, we will never stop innovating and pioneering new ways to make our coffee even healthier.

Woman sitting at a desk writing a letter with a cup of coffee.

If coffee were a supplement, you’d never forget to take it.

With Purity Coffee®, our customers report improved focus, optimized performance, and a clean energy lift without experiencing jitters, crashes, or an upset stomach.

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Better health starts in your coffee cup

Numerous peer-reviewed studies have established a strong association between regular coffee consumption and improved:

  • Cardiovascular Health*
  • Cognitive Function*
  • Digestive Health*
  • Insulin Sensitivity & Metabolic Health*
  • Liver Health*
  • Mood & Physical Performance*
  • Type 2 Diabetes*
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Embracing Sustainable Practices for a Healthier Planet

A word from Mark Hyman, MD

“Purity Coffee has come across science that clearly shows coffee grown in a regenerative way —in a way that regenerates the soil and the ecosystem—actually produces better coffee, with more antioxidants and phytochemicals. They are the only coffee company I know of which is using regenerative agriculture to not only improve the quality of their coffee but also the quality of life, health, and well-being of the communities in which their coffee is grown.”


Our high standards have continually improved through feedback from our community of customers, doctors, wellness professionals, and scientists who have supported Purity Coffee® throughout the years. 

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